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Hot 2017 trends

Every New Year promises that there will be new styles and trends from the looks in the past year and this is what brings us a fashion forward. 2017 is not any exception from these New Year’s, and it has also come with its new trends. We shall, therefore, see some of these hot 2017 trends in the article below.

The first one is muted colors. Instead of the Technicolor hues that we have been having in the past, 2017 will be more of natural, subtle natural shades like the dusty brown, light pink, soft gray and olive green. These have been well featured by some celebrities such as Kanye West and some labels like French Fashion house. They have already featured the trending of some muted colors.

Secondly, we are likely to have more of the 1990s vintage. Most of the collections that Gucci has made in the recent days features preppy sweaters and wide flares. The high-end label from Italy have been leading with the vintage look for the past seasons, and this does style have not sign of fading anytime soon. Huge necklaces and rings are also trending a lot this year. This is also part of the 1990 vintage. Other trends include the retro prints and pop and cartoon motifs. The only thing the will happen is that there the clothes will be modernized or new pieces will be used to match the old vintage.

The drawstring bag is the other thing that is trending in 2017. These accessories have previously been used by some teenage boys and also people going for some yoga lessons. This will become a must have this year. This is because the gag is affordable and it is also fuss free. This bag has a cover at the top, and it has lace that gathers the bag and the fabric. The bag has a graphic print, and this makes it perfect to be worn with a ripped jeans and a plain blouse. This will give an outstanding outfit.

In the past, people have thought blue jeans as casual clothes to be worn on the weekends and the demim-on- demim were mainly in fashion in the 1980s. This is however changing, and this type of clothing is becoming a more visible collection mainly when modeling. These embellished jeans are trending this year. It is mainly due to its sophistication, and it can also be combined with a full-length skirt or a structured blouse. It has been added some textures and shades, and this has made it more versatile. Other things that can be used to pair the denim are the lighter fabrics and some leather. This gives it a more feminine touch.

Long clothes are also among the hot 2017 trends. We are likely to observe more of the long sleeves, closer to the floor shirt hems and overflowing pants. This is because this has been shown on many runways. This is a very different form of style, but it is rather very relaxed.